13 Mar 2019

All the exercises mentioned in the previous posts can go some way towards addressing anxiety and reduce our worrying. 

Another effective way to manage our worries is to understand our thinking pattern.  We will find that, if anxiety is a problem for us, our thoughts wil...

6 Mar 2019

4. Problem solving

When we feel overwhelmed, writing our worries down can strangely reduce their power. Anxious thoughts in our head can be hard to pin down and take on a life of their own. We can get caught up into a patterns of ruminating - thinking the same thoughts...

27 Feb 2019

Anxiety and worrying are not just an issue during the day. We can often lie awake in bed with worries going round and round in our heads. This leads to poor sleep which can make us easy prey to more worrying and so the cycle continues.

The breathing exercise described i...

20 Feb 2019

We looked at how deep breathing can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. This tool can be very helpful before an exam or a presentation.

Let's now look at a way to stop worrying from taking over our days. We have all experienced situations when we feel caught up in a "...

13 Feb 2019

Worry is a normal part of life, and can even be helpful in some instances. We often worry about things that are present in our lives, such as finances, work, and family, and this worry has the potential to help us make good decisions in these areas.

Things can get trick...

6 Feb 2019

Ten days ago, I posted this image on my Facebook page (steppingstonesne) and it felt it had struck a chord with people. It is a fairly simple concept - it's about living in the present, in the now.  If it's so simple, why does it seem to be so hard?

I don't think it's a...

3 Sep 2018

With compassion and humanity Dr Mate' describes the concept of "normality"

7 Aug 2018

Truly inspirational video. Why is it so hard to believe that our mind and emotions can impact our physical body? So many symptoms such as headaches/migraines, stomach problems, muscle tension and more may be tackled by addressing our emotional well being rather than th...

26 Jul 2018

I recently came across a wonderful story which clearly illustrates how our responses to the events in our livesinfluence our well being. I decided to share this with all who are interested. Many thanks to Sundar Picha for writing it so beautifully.

The cockroach theory...

18 Jul 2018

According to the Office for National Statistics, over 10% of all families in the UK are step-families and yet there is little understanding of how they differ from traditional families, what the pitfalls of step-families are and how to maximise the chances of success....

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