• Anna Dallavalle

5 ways to overcome anxiety - part 4

4. Problem solving

When we feel overwhelmed, writing our worries down can strangely reduce their power. Anxious thoughts in our head can be hard to pin down and take on a life of their own. We can get caught up into a patterns of ruminating - thinking the same thoughts over and over again. This way, the original worry can feel overpowering.

Problem solving is a great skills which can be helpful in many circumstances. Just write your worry on a piece of paper (or on your laptop).

That's the first step towards taking control of your worry. Start writing down options to address your worry. Are they realistic? What are the pros and cons? If a friend was in that same predicament what would you advise them to do? Problem solving is not always appropriate but often it can be helpful in making us feel we have some control over circumstances and helps us focus on our options. We always have choices. We may not like them but they are there.