• Anna Dallavalle

5 ways to overcome anxiety - part 2

We looked at how deep breathing can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. This tool can be very helpful before an exam or a presentation.

Let's now look at a way to stop worrying from taking over our days. We have all experienced situations when we feel caught up in a "worry loop". We can't stop worrying but we do not reach any solutions that would help us put our ind at rest.

2. The "worry window". This is how one of my clients defined this exercise and I think it explains very clearly what it is about.

Set aside a time when you will only worry. Yes, I'm actually asking you to do what you are already doing. But...that will be the only time you are allowed to worry. You may decide that 2 worry sessions a week are enough for you (how often you choose to do this is totally up to you). Then you decide the duration (I recommend between fifteen and thirty minutes). These will be the only times you will be allowed to worry. Once you have decided your timetable it is crucial that you stick to it and do your very best to worry - only worry.

Some people choose to write their worries on paper while others worry in their's totally up to you.