• Anna Dallavalle

Today is all that matters!

Ten days ago, I posted this image on my Facebook page (steppingstonesne) and it felt it had struck a chord with people. It is a fairly simple concept - it's about living in the present, in the now. If it's so simple, why does it seem to be so hard?

I don't think it's a coincidence that practices like mindfulness and meditation have soared in popularity in recent years. We are so goal-oriented, always moving to the next task that we have lost the ability of living in the present. When we are on holiday, we are all busy taking photos to share with friends and family on social media and I wonder whether we are missing the pleasure of being in the moment of experiencing rather than recording life.

When we get some respite from the various tasks, our mind starts churning about what we have to do next. Sometimes we review past events and wish we had behaved differently or we worry about the future and what it will hold. A lot of us have become masters at the "what if..." scenarios. It's no surprise we all feel so stressed.

I wonder what would happen if we set aside 5 minutes each day to be present and not distracted by other things. Not to be overwhelmed by thoughts of the past or fears of the future. What would it feel like to be living in the now?

A challenge worthwhile taking.