• Anna Dallavalle

10 Reasons why...counselling works

There is so much more to counselling than we think. Read this page to find out why investing in counselling may be the best decision you make today. If you know anybody who could benefit from reading this, share this page with them.

  1. When you can’t understand why you always end up with the same kind of guy/girl even though they look so different in the beginning of the relationship!

  1. When you are at a crossroad and are unsure which way to go and everybody in your life is telling you what you should do.

When you have lost your sense of who you are and how you fit in the world: through divorce, the loss of your job or chronic illness.

  1. When you have no one to talk to as you are always “the strong one” that everybody turns to in times of need.

  1. When you are going through the excruciating pain of losing a loved one and everyone around you (or even yourself) thinks you should have got over it by now.

  1. When you are starting to feel that your relationship is going stale but before you are ready to give up!

  1. When you feel stressed a lot of the time and everything seems to get on top of you.

  1. When significant changes in your life make it difficult to find your bearings (children leaving home, divorce, various types of losses…).

  1. When the menopause seems to take all joy out of life and you feel more anxious than usual and just “not yourself” anymore.

  1. When you feel trapped in family dynamics but don’t know how to change them.