• Anna Dallavalle

What does our relationship with money tell us about ourselves?

Why is money such a difficult topic for couples to approach? Often, I work with couples where the attitude to money of each partner has never been discussed. Why does she have to spend all this money on clothes, make-up and other "non essentials"? Why does he have to burn £1000 on a racing bike he will only use a handful of times?

During sessions with troubled couples money is always one of the most revealing topics to touch upon. If she spends money they don't have on clothes and make-up it may be that she feels very insecure of herself and maybe even of her partner's love and feels she needs to look a certain way to keep his love. He may need an expensive bike in an attempt to look the part of the professional racer even though that may take all the fun out of his bike rides.In some respect, they are both playing a part and hide their true self from each other. Once our relationship with money and how we spend it is out in the open, a true dialogue can begin

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